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BTS Stainless Steel Dog Bow

BTS Stainless Steel Dog Bow

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🔥 Unleash the BTS Fever with Our "Set Everything on Fire Bow-Wow-Wow" Dog Bowl! 🔥

Attention, BTS Army! Transform your furry friend's mealtime into a celebration with our exclusive "Set Everything on Fire Bow-Wow-Wow" Dog Bowl, inspired by the electrifying BTS hit, "Burning Up (Fire)." This is not just a dog bowl; it's a statement, a piece of BTS magic right in your home!

🐾 For the Dogs of BTS Army 🐾
Crafted especially for the dogs in the BTS Army, this dog bowl is where functionality meets fandom. Whether you're a longstanding member of the BTS Army or just diving into the world of K-pop, this dog bowl is the perfect way to include your four-legged friend in the excitement.

🔥 Set Everything on Fire 🔥
Featuring the iconic "Set Everything on Fire Bow-Wow-Wow" lyrics from "Burning Up (Fire)," this dog bowl is a tribute to BTS's energetic and fiery performances. The bold, vibrant design captures the essence of the song, turning every mealtime into a BTS celebration.

🐶 Perfect for All Dog Sizes 🐶
Designed to accommodate dogs of all sizes, this bowl ensures that whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or a large Labrador, your furry friend can dine in style. The sturdy design ensures durability, while the wide base prevents spills, keeping your pet’s feeding area clean and tidy.

🎁 The Ultimate Gift for BTS Army Families 🎁
Looking for a unique gift for a fellow BTS Army member, a family friend, or anyone who shares your love for BTS and has a dog? Look no further! This BTS-inspired dog bowl is a thoughtful and practical gift that brings the world of K-pop right to their doorstep.

💜 Embrace the BTS Spirit in Every Aspect of Your Life 💜
Don’t let your pet miss out on the BTS fun. Grab the "Set Everything on Fire Bow-Wow-Wow" Dog Bowl today, and turn your pet's mealtime into a party!

Join the BTS Army with Your Furry Friend, and Let the Good Times Roll! 🔥🐾💜

• Double-wall stainless steel
• Anti-slip rubber base
• Food grade safe
• Dishwasher safe when the rubber base is removed
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