Army Project 529

Army Project 529



**Welcome to ARMY Project 529: A Journey of Connection and Discovery**

Hello, ARMY!

As BTS members embark on their military enlistment, we're excited to welcome you to ARMY Project 529 – a project designed to keep the BTS spirit thriving and our global community connected. It's more than just a project; it's a celebration of BTS and their incredible journey so far.

**What is ARMY Project 529?**
ARMY Project 529 is our way of staying close to BTS and each other during this period. We'll dive deep into all things BTS, exploring their music, performances, interviews, and the countless beautiful moments they've shared with us. It's a time to reminisce, learn, and grow together as a fandom.

**How to Join the Journey**
Click here!

**What to Expect**
- **Regular Blog Posts**: Stay tuned for our blog posts, where we'll share insights, trivia, and special content about BTS.
- **Content Calendar**: Receive regular content calendars so you can keep track of all the exciting activities and themes we have planned.
- **Interactive Community**: Engage with fellow ARMYs from around the world, share your BTS stories, and create lasting friendships.

As we wait for our beloved members to return, let's use this time to deepen our connection with BTS and with each other. ARMY Project 529 isn't just about filling the time; it's about enriching our bond with BTS and celebrating the impact they've had on each of us.

So, come join us! Be a part of this special journey, and let's make these 18 months a memorable and joyous celebration of everything BTS.

Can't wait to see you in the comments and in our newsletter community!

Borahae, ARMY! 💜


P.S. Don't forget to share this with your fellow ARMY friends. The more, the merrier in this beautiful journey we call ARMY Project 529!


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Astrid Miezan Jakobsen

Would love to be apart of this. I do not have anyone who understands why I am such a fan.

Chika Brazas

I been a loner ARMY since 2015… I have no friends and no one to connect with that even like BTS so definitely trying to join the fun


Please add me 💜💜💜

Candy Rojas

I m so here for every bit of this!!


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