A Letter to BTS Army

A Letter to BTS Army



Hey, Army!

You and I are so similar in our journey to find the boys and the impact they have had! There’s that part of you that camps out in the back of your mind and continues to wonder if you’ve lost your mind. All reason. Like, is this a mid-life crisis and I’ll snap out of it at some point? Do I just need a serotonin boost in this phase of life and they naturally give it and eventually I’ll move along? 
That’s what my husband expected. That this was just another phase. Another thing that I would throw myself into, but the interest would quickly fade. Like my cookie decorating phase. It came and went with the holiday season and all I was left with were a ton of cookie cutters that would never again see the light of day.
But this. Them. They will stick with me. The seven. I’ve emotionally connected not only with them but their messages and who they are. As people. Not as entertainers. Not as good-looking boy band members. As people who have so sacrificially shared so much of themselves with us. 
And Army. So yeah, some are off the rails and make me roll my eyes, cringe, or shake with anger when they put the guys in peril with their ridiculous airport antics. But for the most part, I adore the people who also appreciate the seven for the amazing people they are. 
With so many people reaching out to me in private messages, emails or even comments on TikTok, I saw that there were so many like me. I wasn’t alone in this. There were others who “got” me and completely understood this love and appreciation for the seven. And the more people reached out sharing their stories of feeling alone on this Army journey , and the more content I consumed, I had a realization: We (as lonely whale type Army) witness these seven men connect. Constantly. They connect with each other and they connect with us. They have relationships we all envy. They understand the importance of belonging and being fiercely loved, celebrated and accepted. We see that. We want that. We need that. And the people around us don’t necessarily get it so we sit in that place of knowing, understanding, needing and wanting and having no outlet to find it, absorb it and thrive. 
Until we meet other Army who are just like us. Those we can connect with. Those that walk beside us. Celebrate a part of life that others don’t. That grieve in moments that we also grieve - when others may think we’ve gone off the deep end. 
What Army find in each other is exactly what the seven model for us and develop  a thirst for. Love. Connection. Friendship. 
So yeah, I’m going to stay connected. I’m going to continue to find ways to swim alongside the lonely. To be that person they can share a thought about what a lyric meant to them. Or how they are exceedingly missing Yoongi in the moment, or need to hear Hobi’s laugh. Because I get it. I need those things too. 
We aren’t crazy. This isn’t a faze. And we aren’t alone. There’s a huge Army out here and hungry to share this journey of life that can’t be fully explained but can be completely felt. 
Love you, Army!
Let’s make the most out of our time away from the seven so when they return, the entire world feels the explosion of our joyful reconnection. 
The future’s gonna be okay. We’ve got each other. Our boys have trained us well.
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Hi dear army ❤️ I’m Sara and I’m a fairly young army (since February 2023 thanks to my 13 year old daughter) I’m 44 years old and I’m from Italy. I loved your letter, it reflects how I feel. I also have the desire to get to know the kids more and more, their words and their values and share them with other armies around the world. a hug to all of us in the army and thanks to you for the project. let’s stay connected and hug each other in this year of distance ❤️

Contu Sara

Am really interested in joining the group, i would be glady to know more about my idols


I feel like I’ve found my people! As I’m sitting here listening the jhope’s Daydream, tears running down my face, thinking about the boys and what they and their families are going through right now. Being 2 weeks away from 67, a mother of three daughters, 1 step-daughter and 11 grands and step-grands, I have all the feelings. I’m constantly od-ing on any content I can find on these young men and their accomplishments. And now to find folks I can relate to without judgement is refreshing! Thank you!! 🫰🏻💜🫶🏼


Well, it’s always said: BTS will be found when needed. I didn’t really need them, I was happy then. But something I didn’t know about must have been missing. Something in their being must have hit my mothers and womans heart. And now that at least all of them are not where they want to be, I feel them way more apart even though the distance is still the same. I surely need another expression for the word missing? Deeply anchored in my heart and mind I’ll carry the thought of and my love for them with me all day long. 61 yrs and none wiser than before ;-) Borahae to all ARMY who feel the same


It’s so nice to see I’m not just the lonely whale type of Army. No one gets my interest in BTS, what they mean to me. So I keep it to myself. I’m 53 and a mother and grandmother. But it feels like the members are family too, like the sons I never had and I’m so proud of them. I can’t even express this feeling. Apobangpo 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


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