A Fond Farewell: Embracing Army Project 529 as We Await BTS' Return

A Fond Farewell: Embracing Army Project 529 as We Await BTS' Return



Hey fellow ARMYs,

It's hard to believe, but the day we've all been dreading is almost here. Next week, we'll be saying our temporary goodbyes to the remaining BTS members - Namjoon, Taehyung, Jimin, and Jungkook - as they embark on their military enlistment journey. It feels surreal, doesn't it? Watching their final live stream together was an emotional rollercoaster, a mix of pride and longing. Their smiles and messages, though heartwarming, left a bittersweet feeling in all our hearts. I watched each of their faces, trying to determine the private thoughts going through their minds. Are they anxious? Excited? Sad? Relieved? Were they trying to keep a brave face for all the Army they will leave behind? Are they excited about this new journey and looking forward to a new challenge?

But hey, let's not drown in sadness! Instead, let's focus on how we can keep the BTS spirit alive and thriving. That's where Army Project 529 comes into play – our silver lining in these looming grey skies. It's a brilliant initiative for us, the ARMY, to stay connected and keep the BTS love burning bright.

Here's the scoop on Army Project 529: Every month, the calendar will be updated and full of BTS content. I will post it here on the Covert Fandom website for us to enjoy together. Think of it as our virtual hangout spot, where we can relive all the beautiful BTS moments. From iconic music videos to hilarious Run BTS! episodes, serene Bon Voyage and In the Soop episodes, electrifying concerts, and those precious behind-the-scenes content – it will all be there!

The best part? You're not just a spectator; you're an active participant. Engage with the content, share your thoughts, your favorite moments, and anything else BTS-related in the comments. And don't forget to use the #ArmyProject529 hashtag on your social media posts. It's more than just a tag; it's a beacon for us to find each other in this vast digital world, to share our love and support for BTS, and to keep the community spirit thriving.

Be sure to spread the news about this group and send them over to grab the latest calendar updates.

While our beloved members serve their country, let's serve our fandom by keeping the BTS legacy vibrant and alive. Let's laugh, cry, sing, and dance together – because that's what family does. And remember, this is not a goodbye. It's just a brief pause. Our boys will be back before we know it, in 2025, ready to conquer the world once again with their irresistible charm and talent. And those smiles and laughs... oh, how I can't wait to hear them live again. 

So, ARMYs, let's make Army Project 529 a massive success. Let's show Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, Hobi, Jimin Taehyung and Jungkook, that our love and support for them knows no bounds. We'll miss them, undoubtedly, but in the meantime, we'll keep the BTS flame burning brighter than ever.

The content calendar will post soon so be on the lookout. Sign up for the newsletter (below) so you receive calendar updates and information. 

Until we meet again, Borahae! 💜


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Since I know admin has NOTHING to do (spoken with tongue in cheek 😉), I would like to put this out there for them or anyone who might read this who edits and has contact with all kinds of Army. Like most, my family and friends have no interest in understanding my love for these boys. I wish there was a video that immediately captures attention and is interesting. A video that shows that Army is all kinds of people from men, women, elderly (like me), young, all races and especially all backgrounds (educated, professional, laborers, homemakers, etc). Crossing my fingers to see that some day so I can share.

Thanks Stef and team for starting this project, we all need this and like the guys always did you are reaching us in the time needed, much love!! 💜
Audrey Adams

Such a neat idea! Thanks!


Count me in!

Maybelline Arevalo Lopez

Fantastic plan – it will make getting to 2025 much easier!

Sue Kennedy

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